By Mike Pedersen, Author, Golf Fitness Guide

I hope the title of this golf fitness tip got your attention.

How many times have you rushed to the time
to warm up and you double bogey or worse yet triple
bogey the first hole?

And even after that it takes 3 or 4 more holes to "get it

I know it's happened to me and boy does it make you
steaming mad!

If you've experienced this game-shattering, confidence-
busting event, then read this article and it won't happen
ever again.

I have put together a First Tee Warm-up that takes less
then 5 minutes, and it doesn't even require hitting a single
ball.  Yet I can promise you, you'll be ripping that first drive
long and down the middle of the fairway.

You see, if your body isn't loose and warmed up, you will
have no chance at performing well on the first few holes.  

So why not spend 5 minutes getting looser than you ever
have been and shooting par on the first hole?

Here is this very simple warm-up:

*  Arm circles
*  Overhead raises with club
*  Sidebends with club overhead
*  Golf rotations with club over back of shoulders
*  Toe touches with club

There a couple more, but these are more than enough to
get you warmed up and ready to crush your playing

So the next time you go out with only minutes before your
tee time, do the above exercises and get your game
started with a par!

Mike Pedersen is a golf fitness expert and founder
of the Power Performance Program.  If you’re
looking for a complete golf performance system,
check out Mike’s Golf Fitness Guide
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