By Mike Pedersen, Author, Golf Fitness Guide

The engine to your swing is not your legs; it's not your arms.

It's your CORE.  The abs specifically.

When you think of the golf swing, it is really one motion.  A
ROTATION back and through.

If that's the case, wouldn't you want to strengthen your core
specific to your rotation?

The stronger your core is, the more power you will generate at
impact.  So many golfers try to HIT the ball by swinging harder
with the hands and arms.

If you did, did it work?

Another great benefit of strengthening your core via rotation is
improving your turning ability both on your backswing AND
follow through.

The BIGGER the turn, the FARTHER the ball goes...and with no
extra effort on your part.

Here is a very simple exercise (of many) you can do in your
home or even office that will help immediately.

Don't under-estimate it's simplicity.  

It's called the Seated Twist with Dumbbell:
*  Sit in chair as tall as you can.
*  Grab a single dumbbell and extend your arms straight out,
chest high.
*  Without moving your head side-to-side, rotate to the right and
to the left as far as you can go.
*  Try to remain smooth and rythmic.
*  Do this 20 times for 3 sets.

I'm telling you right now this will make a difference.  Do it right
now while you're sitting there but without a dumbbell.  Doesn't it
feel good?  It's a nice stretch all by itself.

Give it a go!

Mike Pedersen is a golf fitness expert and founder of the
Power Performance Program.  If you’re looking for a
complete golf performance system, check out Mike’s
Golf Fitness Guide.
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