BEST TIP: Stay down through

At address, keep left hand ahead of or
over the front of the ball.

Soft hands improve feel and relieve

Maintain constant pressure in both
hands throughout the stroke.

Keep eyes over ball.

Keep head and body still.

Work on consistent tempo.

Make sure back of left hand and palm
of right hand face target through impact.

Stand tall, point elbows toward hips
and concentrate on distance.

Play ball slightly ahead of center.

Hit ball slightly on upstroke.

Take the club back slow and follow

Putt with your arms, not your wrists.

Accelerate into the ball.

Avoid left wrist breakdown.

Aim for back of cup on short putts.

For long putts, concentrate on speed
and aim for an intermediate target.
Turn left thumb to 10 o’clock for wristless putting stroke
A too-wristy putting stroke will often cause you to miss
putts to the right.  A simple adjustment of the grip can often
remedy the problem.  Move your left thumb counter
clockwise from the top of the shaft to a 10 o’clock position,
placing the left hand more under the shaft.
Richard Myers
Tom's Golf Tips
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Consistent putts stem
from hitting the ball in
the middle of the
clubface. A solid hit is
something you can
usually hear and feel. So don't change
your stroke too often, just keep your
tempo even -- back and through.  It's
important to think of the back swing
through the putt.  I'll let you in on a
secret.  The  reason I hit a bad putt is
that I was too eager to see what
happened to the ball. By following
these few simple guidelines... and
remembering that the object is to see
how close you can get to the hole... you
should see marked improvement on
the greens.
Ben Crenshaw
Ben Crenshaw on Putting