By Jack Moorehouse

Many players dread hitting long irons (2,3,4,5).  Even with the
proper golf instruction, these players would rather hit a short iron
any day.  Others prefer higher lofted woods.

Thanks to the hybrid (utility) club, a cross between an iron and a
wood, these players need no longer even carry a long iron, never
mind hit one.  This club replaces the long irons in you bag.

A hybrid club is easier to hit than a fairway wood or a long iron, as
most golf tips stress.  It has a loft from 16 degrees to 25.  It has a
low-center-of gravity.  And it has a slightly smaller head and lower

The Hybrid club is practically a "universal" club. Use it off the tee,
from all lies in the fairway and rough, in fairway bunkers, and near
the green, for pitch-and-run shots.

• Off the tee

Tee the ball very low.  Position it near the center of your stance
but towards the target.  Use a smooth tempo, with a full swing.
Complete the follow-through.

• From the fairway

Use a ball position closer to the center of your stance.  Swing more
down and through the ball.  Hit the ball first, then take a small divot.
Complete the follow-through.

• From the fairway bunker

Assuming a good lie, position the ball in the center of your stance.
Dig your feet into the sand.  Use a shorter swing.  Complete the
follow-through.  Don't try to kill the ball.

• From the rough

Position the ball in the center of your stance.  Use a 3/4 back swing,
with a full follow through and a smooth tempo.  Accelerate the
downswing through the ball.  Again, don't try to kill the ball.

• From in front of the green

Pitch and run shots as you normally would but swing the club like a

Hybrids can really help your game, whether it be in the longer
shots or around the greens.  So, if budget allows, go and pick one up
and start to see a difference in your game.
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