By Mike Pedersen, Author, Golf Fitness Guide

What's the best stretch for hip motion to generate
extreme power?

The lower body is your base to your golf swing, but
generating power -- especially in your downswing --
comes from the transfer from your upper body through
your lower body.

If you have tight hip joints, you will have a very difficult
time trying to generate any clubhead speed.  There has
to be a certain amount of hip rotation on the backswing
and definitely on the downswing.

So what can you do if you are restricted in this area?


Did I get my point across?

Okay, now...what stretch, right?

Well, like all the stretches and resistance exercises I
have golfers do, it's a very easy one; and can be done

It's called the Seated Groin Stretch.

Here's what you do!

* Sit on the floor and bring the bottoms of your feet
* Both knees will bend and there will be tension in your
inner thigh and groin area.
* Place you elbows on your knees while grabbing your
* Apply pressure with your elbows on your knees to
provide a bigger stretch in your groin.
* Hold for at least 15 seconds and repeat once more.

Here's how you'll benefit from doing this stretch daily:

* It allows more freedom in the hip area during your
swing, while reducing strain on your lower back.
* It reduces tension in your hip and inner thigh on your
backswing and follow-through for more freedom in your
* It creates a coiling effect in your hip region for
increased leverage and power.

Mike Pedersen is a golf fitness expert and founder
of the Power Performance Program.  
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