By David Nevogt, Author, "The Simple Golf Swing"

Have you ever thought about what your hands and
forearms are actually doing at the moment of impact?  If
not, please give this a try.    

Try to get into the impact position, like you are about to
make solid contact with the ball.  Now flip your trailing wrist
like you were casting a fishing pole.  This is referred to as
a wrist break, and it’s not a move that you want to be
making in golf.  So if you are trying to “flip” your hands
through the ball at impact, this tip may help you
understand the correct way to make this happen.

If you put a wrist watch on
you'll be able to visualize
easily what we want.  As
your leading arm approaches
impact, the watch face should
be getting close to pointing
exactly down the target line.  
Now simply ROTATE the watch
face so it's pointed at the ground.  
With a club in your hands,
you'll see that this move makes your trailing wrist flip on top
of  your leading wrist.  That's the move we want to be
completing through impact.

It’s important to note that your forearms should be working
together as well.  Try keeping your forearms as close to
each other as possible through the impact zone.  If you can
master this move, you’ll find increased distance and it will
also do wonders for your slice.

David Nevogt e author of "The Simple Golf Swing", a
book written in simple format that is guaranteed to
shave seven from your golf score.  David breaks the
swing down into five critical steps so your new
swing will be easy to remember and consistent every
time.  90-day money-back guarantee.
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