By Mike Pedersen

If you're like most of us, you daydream about the
best and newest golf "goodies."  Yet, many
golfers give little thought to the missing link
between their golf clubs and their golf scores.  
Don't know what that is?  Look in the mirror!  The
missing link is you!

For example, 80% of all amateur golfers have
extremely tight hamstrings.  As a result, they
can't get into their ideal golf posture.  Here's a
golf stretch to help you maintain a better golf
posture while relieving pressure on your lower
back.  I call it my "Standing Hamstring Stretch."

Find something that's about the height of your
groin area -- a counter or the back of a couch
will do fine.  Gently pick up one leg and put your
foot on the counter or couch.  Bend your knee
slightly, and then lean over that leg with your
upper body.  Hold that position for a count of 10.  
Then repeat.

Do this stretch every day, and I guarantee your
golf posture and performance will improve

Mike Pedersen is a golf fitness expert and
founder of the Power Performance
Program.  If you’re looking for a complete
golf performance system, check out Mike’s
Golf Fitness Guide.
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