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By David Nevogt, Author, The Simple Golf Swing

Sand play around the green can be a challenge for
some golfers.  Here's all you need to know to have
great sand play.

Open the blade of your sand wedge so that it is aiming
about five feet to the RIGHT of the flag.  Open your
stance so the tips of your feet and shoulders are
aligned with each other and are aiming about five feet
LEFT of the pin.

When you swing back, swing the clubhead only as high
as your right shoulder.  Don't use more than about 60%
power on the swing.  The clubface should slice
ACROSS AND DOWN THROUGH the sand, behind the

More than any other shot on the course, follow-through
is essential to lift the ball out of the sand.  If you want
the ball to stop more quickly, hit the sand about 1 inch
behind the middle of the golf ball.  If you want the ball to
run, you need to hit about 2.5 inches behind the middle
of the ball.  Use this method and your days of poor sand
play are behind you.  

But of course no improvement comes without practice.  
Find a course in your area that has a chipping green
with a bunker where you can practice.  After a while,
your confidence will skyrocket.

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