Can the right equipment help you play better golf?  It
certainly can.   And if you've done any shopping for golf
clubs recently, you know that you can pay $400 or more for
the latest high-tech driver if you want to.

But be careful if you do.  You may find yourself in a
foursome with someone who booms the ball 50 yards farther
than you with a beat-up club he bought in a garage sale for

So the equipment with serious price tags is for serious

Before you invest in any clubs, you should ask yourself what
kind of a golfer you are.  Are you the kind that will be content
to play a few rounds a year -- say at company outings?  Or
are you the golfer that lost out on the club championship last
year on the last hole -- and is determined to win it this year?  
Most of us are somewhere between those extremes, but I
think you get the point.  The kind of clubs that are ideal for
you, and what they cost, should match your unique
circumstances and budget as nearly as possible.

The following articles will give you a good understanding of
some key equipment issues for golfers.

Getting the Right Flex

Steel Versus Graphite Shafts

Selecting a Putter

Using a Hybrid Club

Cavity-back Irons

How to Re-grip Your Clubs Properly
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