By Mike Pedersen, Author, Golf Fitness Guide

I hope the title got your attention.  

But I'm about to disappoint you!  It has nothing to do with
food :-(

What I want to talk about is the MOST golf-specific
resistance exercise you can do to quickly increase your
driving distance.

It's the “weighted doughnut” like the baseball players slide
onto  their bats to swing with just before they go to the

You can buy one for your golf club very inexpensively at
your local golf store.

Now...set up a daily routine of swinging your driver 30-50
times with a doughnut on it.  

If you're just starting out, you should make no more than
10-20 swings.  And your swing speed should be
approximately 50% of normal at first.  As you build your
golf-specific strength up, you can increase your swing
speed to 70%.

If you do this regularly, you will definitely see an increase
in your distance.

Now this is not the "cure-all, end-all", but it's a quick way
to strengthen your golf muscles.

If you have other limitations, such as tight hamstrings,
weak leg muscles or a sore lower back, this won't help.  
You've got to do specific exercises for those areas.

Mike Pedersen is a golf fitness expert and founder
of the Power Performance Program.  If you’re
looking for a complete golf performance system,
check out Mike’s
Golf Fitness Guide.
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