BEST TIP: Keep left arm straight and rotate it before

Line up ball on heel of club at address to promote inside-out

Use a strong grip, light grip pressure and relaxed
forearms. This helps square the clubface at impact.

Grip club in fingers. This also adds distance.

Take club straight back on backswing, and change the swing plane
to inside-out on downswing.

To get proper swing feel, pretend that an elastic cord connects your
right elbow to your right hip and your left elbow to your left hip.

On takeaway through downswing, keep your left
wrist straight and your right wrist cupped.

Don’t let your body get ahead of your arms and
hands on downswing. Try to hold your body back.

Square shoulder alignment is critical.

On downswing, pull down with both arms, as if
you’re ringing a bell.

Flatten swing plane.

Transfer weight from top of swing diagonally toward right of target,
while letting right elbow come down. Also corrects "toe shots."

Keep back towards target longer and delay hipturn on downswing to
avoid outside-in swingpath.

Practice hitting the ball with back to target to get proper feel.

On downswing, swing with arms and hands, not shoulders and body.

Align shoulders to right of target at address. On downswing, move
right shoulder down rather than out toward target line. Tuck right
elbow in close to torso. Avoid spinning shoulders too early.

Always turn. Never sway. Full turn sets stage for proper downswing.
Lower body first. Shoulders and arms second. At impact, belt buckle
should be even with the ball and majority of weight should be on left

Avoid spinning of hips at start of downswing. From top of downswing,
focus on shifting hips laterally toward target. Hips will turn, but it will
happen naturally. Don’t force it.

Keep hands in front of chest and both arms extended well into

Keep left arm in line with shoulders at top of backswing. Don’t drop
left shoulder during backswing.

Keep right side low at address. Play the ball
even with your left armpit and with your spine
tilted away from target.

Delay hand and chest rotation on downswing.

Start your downswing with arms moving down
rather than forward.

Don’t let chest outrun arms and hands on
downswing. Keeping chest back gives arms
room to swing down from inside out.

Don’t swing inside to out. Instead, swing
inside to square to inside and rotate forearms
along with body through hitting area.

Don’t exaggerate taking club inside on backswing. Maintain spine

Try to make the toe of the club reach the ball before the heel. Avoid
opening hips.

To help square the clubface at impact, pretend you are hitting a ball
well behind the actual ball.

Keep your left arm straight through impact and rotate it as it
approaches ball.

If you rotate your left forearm properly through impact, you can hit
hard with your right hand without slicing.

If your divots on practice swings are well behind the ball, it is a sign
you are making an improper inside arm swing when you take the
club back.

Relax the thumb and forefinger on your right hand. This relaxes the
right arm and makes it easier to swing the club along the right plane.

To avoid swinging "over the top," start your downswing with your
arms while keeping your back to the target.

With a neutral grip and a "frisbee throw" with the left hand, try to make
the back of your left hand parallel to the ground at impact.
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