About this Site
Besides shooting their best score ever, what are golfers all
over the world constantly looking for?  I think that very high
on their lists, if not number 1, is THE tip that will improve
their games – and maybe help them shoot their best

We all know that tips can be big problem-solvers.  I’m sure
you have found many times that a single tip has produced a
big improvement in your shot-making.  But here’s the
interesting thing.  If you’re like me, you have been exposed to
hundreds of golf tips over your playing career.  


Very few, I would guess.  The many golf sites on the Web
(Google lists over 1.5 billion of them!), golf magazines,
newspapers, books, videos, etc., are loaded with useful tips.
But it’s very difficult for most golfers to remember more than a

That’s why I created this site.

It all started many years ago when I began to address this
problem by taking notes on the tips that I came across
– so I could refer to them when needed.  As my golf tip
collection grew, drawing from a wide variety of sources, I
organized the tips into categories to make them

After a friend asked for a copy of my golf tips in
preparation for a big golf vacation, it occurred to me that
the tips would be of interest to golfers everywhere.  The result
-- Tom’s Golf Tips.

I have condensed the tips into concise and clear language,
which makes them easy to understand and remember.  I have
also organized them into precise categories to make them
easy to find.  You will also see some longer articles on key
issues for golfers.

My mission is to give you the golf tips you need, right here, at
no charge, rather than refer you to a mind-numbing list of links
to other sites.  There are supplementary links, of course, but
these have been carefully chosen for content and quality.  They
have also been organized into categories for ease of use, and
each link is briefly described.

You will not see any pop-up ads here, only tasteful ones
that will likely be of interest to golfers.

Of course, I can't offer any guarantees for the information
provided by third parties on my site, including ads and links to
other sites.

This site is more like a tool-kit than a book.  The best way
to use Tom’s Golf Tips is to shore up those parts of your
game that need help.  First, take a look at the tips in the
categories that interest you.  Then, try the tips out on the
practice range to see which ones work best for
you.  After that, use the site any time you feel it can help,
say when another part of your game goes south or when
you want to reach a higher level in a certain phase of the game.

By the way, I’m always looking for more tips and
suggestions on how I can make the site more useful, so
don’t hesitate to write.  

Also, rather than repeating "for right-handers" or "for left-
handers" constantly, I have tried to simplify things by
presenting all the tips as they apply to right-handers.    

Incidentally,  I'm not a pro -- just a life-long golfer and an avid
collector of golf tips.  I hope you like them.

Yours for better golf,

Tom Kearney
Fair Lawn, New Jersey

"Golf" is thought to possibly come
from the Dutch word "kolf,"
meaning the sort of club used in
croquet and hockey. But no
connection between "kolf" and the
game of golf itself, which was
developed in Scotland, can be
established. Then again, there is
a Scottish dialect word "gowf,"
which means "to strike," so that
may well be the source of "golf."
The bottom line is that "golf"
remains a mystery.

From www.word-detective.com
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"Man blames fate for other
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